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Phu Phan National Park



Phu Phan National Park 
There are 3 forest types within Phu Phan. Dry Dipterocarp is the most common covering 42% of the park. Dry everygreen is the second most common and is found mostly in the southern part of the park. Mixed Deciduous is a transitional forest type found between the Dry dipterocarp uplands and the Dry everygreen areas located next to water. The park was established to preserve the forest in this area

Geographical Features
It is a limestone mountain and a water source such as Huay Hidlard, Huay Boon, Huay Kok, Huay Muang, Huay Hinpoon, Huay E-kon, and Huay Wangpla. Some areas are the grass field and very beautiful as well as the steep cliff.

Weather Condition
Hot season runs from late January until May, with temperatures sometimes reaching into the 40's rainy season begins around June and goes on until October. The park receives an average of 1,550mm of rainfall per year. Cold season lasts from November until January with temperatures in the evening getting down to about 17C.

Varieties of Plants and Wild Animals
There are at least 162 species of animals in the park, most of which are birds. There is one herd of wild elephants, but they are in an area with few trails and thus rarely seen. There are also monkeys, barking deer and wild pigs.

Tourist Attractions
Phra That Phu Phek
   The ruins odd a building built to hold the breast bone of Buddha. Located on top of Phu Phan mountain. Most people climb the 500 steps to get the good views. 

Seri Thai Cave   This cave was used by the royalty during November. It started as a project to bring employment to the area. There are four resident elephants which you may see between 3-4 pm. The building are not open to the public but they are set in nice grounds.

Beautiful Nature
Phu-pan Mountains
   It is well known but few have visited there especially Sakolnakon-Kalasin border where is still very well reserved.

Kam Hom Waterfall   a small three layer waterfall with water in the rainy season and for a couple of months into the cold season. Popular with locals at weekends.

Pree-cha Suk-san Waterfall   It is a stone field and slope for 30-40 degree. It is 12 meters high and looks like a slider.

Nang-mern cliff   The cliff is faced to the west and can see far away. It is good to set up camping here to see the sunset.

Savoye Cliff   It is in Kalasin Province. The cliff is faced to the south. King Phumipol have been and had lunch here so it was called Savoye Cliff since then.

Natural Stone Bridge   It is connected two groups of stones and wide about 1.5 meters and long 8 meters. In the south is wide enough to used as a shade.

Accommodation    6 bungalows and 2 dormitory are also available. 
Camping site    Campground is available for visitors. 
Food services    Restaurant is available in the Park. 
Visitor center    Visitor Center is open daily from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m

Location and Getting There
Phu Phan National Park
Huai Yang Sub-district,, Muang Sakon Nakhorn, Sakhon Nakhorn, Thailand   47000
Tel. : 0 4272 6616 (VoIP), 0 4270 3044   Fax : 0 4270 3044
By Car
From Bangkok take a bus to Sakhon Nakhorn and get off about 24km. before reaching Sakon Nakhorn. The Park Headquarters is known as "Bahn Comb Lie" (Bahn as in village) (comb,middle tone) (lie,high tone). If you are travelling from Sakon Nakhorn get a bus or Songtaew (truck with benches) to Bahn Comb Lie.

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